Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Trash That Dress!

More and more brides are breaking tradition of never wearing their wedding dress again by donning it for another round of photos: trashing the dress. The concept also breaks the tradition of having the dress cleaned and preserved and saved in a box above the closet (though, some brides still may do this after trashing their dresses).

"Trash the dress" involves the bride putting back on the dress and heading out to some non-traditional locales for photos--usually involving water, dirt or a combination of both. Her new husband may also come along for the photos, though he usually skips the tux for more casual dress slacks and shirt. Couples looking for inspiration or photographers with experiences with these photo sessions can visit the Trash The Dress blog.

I find the resulting photos from the Trash The Dress sessions to be very alluring. Our society views wedding dresses as clean, pure and perfect. Seeing someone sitting on a tree, swimming in a lake or lying on the sand in her dress can create quite an effect.

Of course, trashing the dress isn't for everyone. Brides still can have the dress cleaned and preserved, perhaps with the hope that a daughter may some day want to wear the dress. Some women chose to have their dresses made into a less formal gown that can be worn to other events. Still others decide to sell or donate their wedding dress to another bride. Take some time to think about what you want to do with your dress and choose the option right for you.