Friday, August 15, 2008

Three great online invite sites: Pingg

This online invitation Web site offers a comprehensive invitation solution: send invites via email, snail mail, text message and social networking sites. The site features modern, stylish invitation designs. Some of the special features available for the invitation include:

Integrated Options: Not all of your guests may be Web savvy, so send them a postcard version of your online invitation. Connect with your more modern friends by sending them a text or connecting the event to Facebook.

Event Fund: If your guests are pitching in, they can use PayPal to send you dough for the party--perfect for bachelorette parties and more.

Registry Information: You can add a link to an Wish List or to Changing The Present (a great option if you'd like your guests to donate to a charity of your choice in lieu of gifts) on your invitation.

The site also allows you to upload photos and videos, and let your guests do so if you choose. Pingg gives you all the tools you need to manage your event and guest list, from tracking RSVPs to exporting lists to adding event news.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

New poll: How many guests are invited to your wedding?

Are you having a big or a small wedding? Intimate gathering or huge party? Vote in our latest poll on the left sidebar, and tell us, how many guests are invited to you wedding?

  • 0 to 24 guests
  • 25-74 guests
  • 75-124 guests
  • 125-199 guests
  • 200 or more guests
Check back soon for the results!

Poll results: What's your main wedding flower?

The results are complete from our latest poll. Take a look at what flowers brides are using today:

What's your main wedding flower?

  • Roses: 27 percent
  • Calla Lillies 27 percent
  • Other: 17 percent
  • Hydrangeas: 15 percent
  • Daisies: 10 percent
  • Tulips: 4 percent
Thanks for voting, and stay tuned for our next poll!

Three great online invite sites: MyPunchbowl

This online invitation Web site features a streamlined approach to creating event invitations. With modern, clean designs to choose from, you can send save-the-date emails and online invitations to your guests in style. Some of the special features available for the invitation include:

Potluck and Party Supplies: Add a list of items you would like guests to bring to the event, and as guests check items off, the invite automatically updates what is still needed. You can also create a master list for yourself to keep track of what you need to buy, and find local party stores with a built-in search.

Registry Information: You can add a link to an Wish List on your invitation. This is not the most wedding-friendly feature, but could be ideal for other parties, like birthdays.

After Party: After the event, invite your guests back to the MyPunchbowl to chat about the party and share photos and videos with each other. It's a good, easy way for all your guests to connect.

You'll also find party planning advice via articles on the site. A "Reasons to Party" list lets you find any excuse to host a get-together. Most impressive, a widget powered by Kayak allows you to search for flights and hotels, perfect for out-of-town events.

Don't miss my reviews of two other online invitation sites: Pingg and Evite.

Having trouble paring down the guest list?

One of the major struggles many couples have when planning their wedding is deciding who to invite--and more importantly, who not to invite. While many of us would love to be able to invite everyone we know, budget and space constraints usually make that impossible.

Add in the fact that the bride, groom and two sets of parents (possibly more) each have their own ideas about who should be on the guest list and the chance for controversy is pretty high. Earlier this month, CNN published a story with a solution for sorting this out: a ten-question quiz.

Guests who would score 60 percent or higher receive an invitation. 50 percent or below don't make the cut. Those in the 50-60 percent range are delegated to the "B List."

I think a quiz like this is a good idea for families struggling with the invitation list, but the questions may not be right for everyone. Try to come up with your own list of questions that make sense for you situation.

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